Art-Jam Session

Art-Jam Session

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Filed under "Workshop" but... Art-Jam is technically not guided. Let your creative juices flow and overflow onto the canvas. Think it will be tough without a teacher? Think again! It is not really that difficult to make that first attempt at the canvas.

Trust us, you will enjoy the session more than you can imagine. And, because every beautiful experience should come with a beautiful ending, we will provide you with our custom-made-to-fit box for storing of the canvas.

Options available:

Early Bird Promotion (3 hours, 11am-2pm, Sun to Fri): $29

Art-Jam Regular* (2 hours, anytime): $33

Art-Jam Regular* (3 hours, anytime): $42

Art-Jam Re-use (2 hours, anytime): $30

Art-Jam Re-use (3 hours, anytime): $39

*Note: The regular option comes with brand new brushes, but we support re-using of brushes for environmental reasons. After all, our brushes are of very good quality! 

If you are purchasing these art-jamming sessions for a specific timing, do call in to confirm that your preferred time slots are available!

Can't wait to see you!