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Offsite & Team-Building

We've done countless team-building and client events in the past two years. We are a trusted partner in delivering quality art-jamming experience. Bring home your paintings or put them up in your office as a 'badge of honour.'

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A Specially Produced Palette

Announcing the birth of our specially-produced palette (photos, please 📷). Enhance your art-jamming experience with our palettes and even bring them home if you like. Available only at Boulevart. Also, check us out on IG at @boulevartsg

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Workshop types

Evergreen Workshops

Aside from what's being published for purchase on our shop, we have other regular, evergreen workshops as well! Evergreen workshops are those classes which can be scheduled almost anytime, at your convenience. Simply pick any topic you like and call us for an appointment!

Available 1pm, 4pm, 7pm on Tues-Fri & 10am, 1pm, 4pm on Sats.


Nice cozy little shop in MyVillage that's really a painter's piece of heaven. They play light jazz renditions of popular pop songs which sets to the soft and comforting atmosphere. The shop attendent/artist, Anwar, was absolutely friendly and attentive whenever we needed help. I love it because everyone is minding their own business and leaving you alone so you know that you don't have to worry about being judged for your art skills ;D

Keme Yeo

Cozy location for art jamming and beginner painting workshops. The guide (teacher) was very helpful and you could retain your own ideas with modifications of the workshop paintings. Affordable price for the materials provided. Great for kids' and adults alike

Carolyn Vivianty

Starry night + quotes lesson turned a barbarian like me into an artist.

Jon Yeo

Our Studio

3/F, 1 Trengganu Street, Singapore 058455

Tel: +65 6816 2866

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Capacity - 40 pax or more

Private Room Available for Booking

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